Sending Does Not Work

Is your sending stuck at 0% or welcome emails are not sent at all? This could be due to the  Newsletter Task Scheduler not being able to start.

The task scheduler, which ensures that your emails are processed and dispatched on time, runs as a background process that accesses your website in the background. If this connection can't be established, sending will not work. Some of the most common reasons as to why the connection fails include:

  • Hosting provider is blocking HTTP loopback connections (e.g., your site → your site)
  • The home page is cached and returns a static version
  • The website is behind a proxy
  • The site is too slow to respond
  • Configuration issues

The first order of business is to check if the task scheduler works by opening the Help page → System Status tab.

An error message will be displayed in case of a problem. You may wish to click on the hyperlinked URL below the Task Scheduler heading, in which case a new page will open with one of the 3 possible responses:

  1.  pong denotes that the task scheduler can access your site and the plugin should be able to send emails automatically
  2. contents of your homepage or some other web page (e.g., hosting provider's)
  3. an error message

For responses #1 and #2, please  get in touch with our support staff to further diagnose the issue.

For response #3 and if the error message is related to your site's  cURL configuration, please get in touch with your hosting provider's technical support for assistance.