Checklist After Migrating to MailPoet 3

The entire process of migrating should take about one hour in total in most cases. 

Do the following once the migration script has successfully run:

  1. Send a newsletter preview successfully;
  2. Forms: update your forms in your widgets and pages. Ensure they work;
  3. Settings: review all your settings;
  4. Settings > Send with: please set a new sending frequency (x emails per n minutes) if you're sending with your web host because our recommended frequencies for common hosts have been updated.
  5. You will need to recreate your template from scratch because we use an entirely new template system. Thankfully, it's fun and easy to learn.
  6. Recreate post notifications if necessary;
  7. Recreate Welcome Email (Premium feature) if necessary;
  8. Archive page: the shortcode [wysija_archive] should be replaced by [mailpoet_archive] if you use it to display the archive of past sent newsletters. Note that your archive will be empty because the archive itself wasn't migrated;
  9. Check out the list of form plugins that work with MailPoet 3.
  10. Premium customers: 
    1. Log in to our new account manager. You'll find a new key inside to activate the Premium;
    2. If you're not sending with MailPoet, download the free bounce add-on which is now a separate plugin (see list of add-ons). Users sending with MailPoet don't need this add-on;
    3. You will need to remove DKIM signature from your DNS. MailPoet doesn't sign emails with DKIM. Note that the MailPoet Sending Service does sign DKIM without the need for you to.
    4. If you are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service, you don't need to sign with SPF, unless you have another SPF record in place for another use than MailPoet. Read more here.