How To Set Up the MailPoet Sending Service

After you have purchased a Premium License or one of the  available sending plans from our Sending Service, you will receive an API Key which will be used to set up your MailPoet plugin to send emails with us.

Step 1: Insert your key in the "Premium" tab in your MailPoet Settings

Step 2: Activate your Premium plugin first

All sending service plans offer the Premium plugin as well. You'll be able to download and activate the Premium plugin from the "Premium" tab. Read the detailed guide  Instructions to install the Premium plugin.

Step 2: Activate the MailPoet Sending Service

After your Premium License has been activated, the next step is just a matter of activating the MailPoet sending method on the "Send With" tab:

And you're done! From now on, you can start sending your newsletters, welcome emails and post notifications with MailPoet.