How To Set Up MailPoet Sending Service

After you have purchased one of the available sending plans from our MailPoet Sending Service, you will receive an API Key which will be used to set up your MailPoet plugin to send emails with us.

This is where you should add your API Key in order to start sending emails:

Step 1: Go to your MailPoet's Settings page

Step 2: Go to the Send With... tab and click in the Configure button in MailPoet's option

Step 3: Paste your API Key in the field and click to verify it

If the Key is correct, you'll see a message like this at the top of the current page:

If the entered Key is invalid, you will see this message instead:

Step 4: Test your new sending method

Step 5: Activate and start sending your emails

And you're done! From now on, you can start sending your newsletters, welcome emails and post notifications with MailPoet without any issues.

If you need further assistance, get in touch with us.