Comparison Table of Sending Methods

MailPoet Your host Third party Host's SMTP
Pricing   Per subscriber
Free Per email sent Free
Premium included? Soon for free. No No No
Deliverability Good! Over 98% delivy rate. Usually the poorest Good! Depends
No setup required Update your DNS yourself Depends
Update your DNS yourself
List cleaning
(removal of invalid or bounced addresses)
Automatic, no configuration. Manual or add-on With third party or add-on Manual or add-on
(emails / hour)
50,000 / hour 300 / hour
2,000 / hour 300 / hour
Daily email limits None Most of the time
None Most of the time
Enforced double opt-in  Yes No Depends No
Support by MailPoet's team Yes No No No
Do we recommend? Of course! Nope If you send irregularly Nope

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