Create Your Own Custom Shortcode

If you're a developer, you can easily create a custom shortcode to be used in the MailPoet Designer, which will allow you to customize your newsletter with additional dynamic content.

A custom shortcode can be used in the body of your newsletters or in the subject line.

MailPoet allows two types of custom shortcodes, the [custom:xxxx] to output whatever you want and the [link:xxxx] which allows you to output safe links with additional parameters on it.

Just copy the code samples below, modify them according to your needs and paste them in your theme's function.php file.

In the code sample below, we will output an HTML table:

This code sample will output a dynamically generated link. Very useful to add referral links to your newsletter:

Example usage:

To visualize the output, you just need to click on the View in browser button:

Note: MailPoet does not provide support for code customization, therefore, whatever custom shortcode you create, it's up to you to support it.