How To Migrate From Version 2 To Version 3

Users and customers are welcomed to upgrade from MailPoet  version 2 to version 3 beta. Both plugins can live side by side. A demo of version 3 is available.

The latest version of MailPoet 3 is a complete rewrite and it has been in beta since November 2016. 

It is used on over 5000 websites by free users and paying customers. Customers who wish to try MailPoet version 3 Premium should  get in touch with us first.

While we consider version 3 to be very stable, there's an inherent risk in using software in beta because of bugs and other issues. All issues reported by users are answered within 24h, Monday through Friday. A new version is released every week with fixes.  See the change log.

Version 2 users who install version 3 will be asked to transfer the following:

  1. Subscribers
  2. Lists
  3. Forms
  4. Settings (soon)

The following will not be transferred:

  1. Templates
  2. Post notifications
  3. Welcome emails
  4. Draft newsletters
  5. Archive of sent newsletters
  6. Stats

View checklist of things to check after you have migrated.