What Happened to the Cron Options?

The new version of MailPoet has removed the old WordPress Cron system. This system was used to trigger the newsletter queue. In simple terms, it made your newsletters send on schedule. 

MailPoet 3 has a much faster reliable method for sending your newsletters on schedule. This new system is called the  Newsletter task scheduler and you can find it on the Settings page > Advanced tab.

Although it looks like the same old Cron system as MailPoet 2, it's definitely not the same under the hood. There are now two options:

  1. Every new visit to your website triggers the task scheduler.
  2. The other option, MailPoet's own script, is composed of several different PHP processes that run nonstop on your server, without needing an external source to trigger it. This method is also fast and stable, however, some web hosts are not supported. Make sure your web host is compatible before choosing this option. 

Setting Up Your Own Cron

If you don't have enough visitors and you can't use MailPoet's own script, you'll have to set up your own cron job.

In this case, make sure to program your cron to access your website's homepage. 

If your cron job needs to target a specific PHP file, just use the index.php of your website. For example: http://example.com/index.php