My Newsletters Are Not Being Received

Are your newsletters at 0% open rate? Your subscribers aren't receiving your newsletters? In this guide, we'll find the source of this problem.

First, you should check if your current sending method is working. 

Go to the MailPoet menu > Settings page and then the Send With... tab. 

Then, click on the Configure button of your current activated method. 

In the image below, the activated method is  "Your web host / web server."

All three of the sending methods have a Test the sending method field available. Type in your email and click Send a test email then check your email inbox.

Wait at least five minutes for the email to arrive.

Good News! I Have Received the Email! :)

If you have received the email, that's good news. 

Can your subscribers receive it as well?  Test your spam score to find out!

Bad News! I Have Not Received the Email! :(

If the email never arrives, trying performing a spam score test.

Did Mail Tester receive your email? If it does, you probably have a bad spam score. Implement the suggested tips in your Mail Tester report.

If Mail Tester did not receive your email, then you current sending method is definitely not working. In this situation, we suggest you try our own  MailPoet's Sending Service.