Understanding the Three Types of Campaigns

MailPoet allows you to create three different types of campaigns: Standard Newsletters, Welcome Emails, and Post Notifications.

All three of them have a different purpose, so let's start by understanding which campaign does what.

1. Standard Newsletters

A standard newsletter can be sent immediately after you design it or scheduled for later, in contrast to the two other campaign types (Welcome Emails and Post Notifications) which are automatically sent whenever an event occurs. 

You create a standard newsletter whenever you want to send communicate something to your subscribers. Be it just text and images or a WordPress post.

2. Welcome Emails

This is one of the two types of automatic campaigns which MailPoet supports, alongside Post Notifications. 

Welcome emails are triggered whenever one of these two events occurs:

  • When someone subscribes to a list;
  • When a new WordPress user is added to your website in a specific role.

Both of these events supports sending an email to your subscribers immediately, or after a predefined amount of hours, days or weeks later:

3. Post Notifications

Post Notifications are also known as Post2Email, RSS-to-Email in other plugins/services. The gist of this type of campaign is that you can automatically send a newsletter to your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. 

You can choose the frequency of this type of campaign:

If you want to send a different newsletter every time you publish a new post, you will choose Immediately. Otherwise, if your publishing frequency is more than one email per day, then it's better to specify a different frequency to avoid bothering your subscribers with too many emails on a single day.