The Send With Tab

This is the most important section of the Settings page and the first thing you need to configure after installing MailPoet to avoid later frustrations with the plugin. On this page, you will set up your newsletter sending method.

The first thing you see when clicking on this tab, are these three boxes:

Here you can select which one of these sending methods you want to use to send your newsletters. When one of them is already setup, you will notice the word Activated written on the bottom dark box close on the opposite side of the configure button.

Let's check the differences between all of them:

1. MailPoet Sending Service

Yeah, that's right, that's our own sending service which we developed in-house in the past two years. This is the most reliable, faster and cheaper method to send your newsletters. It connects your MailPoet to our servers through an HTTP connection via our dedicated API, thus avoiding blocked SMTP ports by your hosting company.

This is the fastest option because our API is optimized to send fifty emails per connection request. This is like 50 newsletters per second!

2. Your web host / web server

This is the cheapest method because it's free for some hosting accounts, however, sometimes this method can have the lowest Spam Score possible. Why? Because on shared hosting accounts, several websites share the same email server, thus increasing the possibility of one of them blacklisting the IP address of the server. 

If you manage your own server, this can definitely be the faster method, since you can fine tune your own email server to support the high load. Chances are that this option might not work for you in 50% of the cases, and by "not work" we mean if this option can send emails, it's very unlikely that some of your subscribers won't receive your newsletter due to IP reputation.

This option uses the PHP mail() function available on your server to send the emails.

Regarding the sending frequency for this method, you can choose from:

  • A safe default value
  • You specify your own sending frequency
  • Select a recommended sending frequency according to your host

After defining the sending frequency, it's recommended to test the sending method using the button on the screen.

3. Third-party

This option allows you to specify an SMTP server to deliver your newsletters. You can use the SMTP server available from your own host or you can specify a third-party one. If your host blocks the SMTP Ports and does not have the PHP mail() function available, it is highly recommended to use the MailPoet Sending Service option or one of these two services listed on this page (Amazon SES or SendGrid) which have support for sending emails over their APIs (an HTTP connection instead).

If you decide to use the Custom SMTP option, make sure to contact your hosting company or email provider in order to have the correct connection details to use.