Everything You Need to Know About Our 2,000 Subscriber Limit

Why does this limit exist?

The subscriber limit in MailPoet of 2,000 subscribers applies to free users that are sending with a method other than MailPoet. 

ensures that the MailPoet team continues to improve, maintain and support the free version.

We've kept most of MailPoet free and the huge majority of free users is a testament to this great value we have always wanted to offer.

How is this 2,000 limit calculated?

Only confirmed subscribers (the Subscribed filter in MailPoet), will be counted. WordPress users are counted as well. 

For example: if you have 2,000 confirmed MailPoet subscribers and 2 confirmed WordPress users, your total subscriber count will be 2002.

What happens if I go over the 2,000 subscriber limit?

If you go over this limit, sending will be disabled and you'll be shown a page to upgrade. 

Visitors to your site can still sign up for your newsletters. You can also continue to delete and import additional subscribers.

Is there a limit to the number of newsletters that I can send?

There is no limitation on the numbers of emails sent

For example, you can have less than 2,000 subscribers but send 10,000 emails to those subscribers, every day.

What about a Multisite install?

The 2,000 limit only applies to individual websites, not the entire network of sites.